Die You Little Devils

It is the time of year when retail stores all seem to have Wasp & Hornet spray on sale. Only $5 or $6 for a whopping 16 ounce can of some chemical compound that is probably not green and certainly not human friendly. Read the warning label and you'll discover that this stuff can put you in the hospital. So, if you must use it, then you better get yourself a HazMat suit (if you're thinking, "what's that", then go watch the ET movie again and you will see all kinds of government scientist working in hazmat suits.) This introduces another potential hazard, heat stroke, but that's another issue.

If you have ever tried to use the stuff, then you already know how important it is to take very careful aim before you press the spray button. Miss by just an inch and the little devils fly off only to go multiply somewhere else (on your property) or to fly around and attack from behind.

Well I want to let you know that there is another solution that is just as effective, environmentally and human friendly, and dirt cheap...

All you need is a bucket of soapy water.

Take your car wash bucket or any 1-2 gallon plastic container and squirt about 3 or 4 doses of regular dishwashing liquid into your bucket and then add at least a half gallon of water. I don't measure but figure about cup (2 ounces) to gallon of water works just fine (we use Dawn, I don't know why, we have always used Dawn, so that's what I have on hand). Now, go throw that soapy water on your wasp nest and most of them will fall off either dead or dying. With that much volume, your aim is not critical but try to get them all in one shot. You can also use a pump-up garden sprayer or big water gun to spray those high, hard to reach places from your comfortable post on the ground.

This may be a guy thing but I think it helps to use some kind of a war cry just after tossing your soapy water concoction, "hooah!".

Afterwards, you can stand over the little critters as they kick for the last time and make macho comments such as "Take that you little devils!", "Go ahead punk, make my day!", or "So, you want some of this!"

You can do a lot of good with $1 worth of dish soap in 30 minutes time. So enjoy your new battle weapon and take the money you saved and go buy someone a hamburger.